Sunday, 21 April 2013

Once upon a time....

Been a while hasn't it? 40 years ago today a Queen was born whilst the sun Slept. It was the year of the Chinese oxen and at the start of Taurean time... Whispers abound amongst the people that the Queen would take on the stubborn nature of the wild bulls and...

They were right! Though I choose to see this prediction of nature otherwise phrased as assertive, focused, independent n

Oh dear! Forty long years...and my knight brood has grown by one more... She's more like a princess then a knight. But today forty years since my birth... I have a full life n family n loads to be thankful for. My latest addition is called lil girl... How she came along is for another post..

Was thinking about death (as I do every time A birthday rolls round) and I thought that if I had to go right now...this very second...that I wouldn't be sad... I have few to no life has been to date filled with achievements and disappointments but isn't that what life is all about? The next thought I had was to label all the royal cabinets in case the king cannot locate the royal goods after my departure... As it is he cannot locate the royal cow's produce even staring straight at it...

The kingdom has been seen its fair share of upheavals hence the lack of time or initiative to blog... Been kept busy acquiring new estates for the growth of the kingdom and putting up defenses to strengthen our wrangle hold on a wild horse finding green pastures to run... Did you get that? The analogy seems to have gotten out of hand...but we'll leave it in to confuse you. :)

In the last year, the queen has taken ill quite seriously as well but we are happy to report that most of it has been resolved albeit mysteriously but nonetheless resolved! Despite illness, the queen has travelled to visit other nations to learn new cultures and languages... For example, we can now say Dankeshon, Bon journo... Lol what can I say... Cannot ignore royal duty when it calls...

Methinks the food in our region is still the most palatable, and the people more friendly and free...they have gorgeous scenery though n nice weather for about 3 months in any given year... If they're lucky

If there was a phrase that echoes in my royal coiffed head - it would be "Everything happens for a reason" ...the perseverance of the bull nature has seen me through trails n tribulations n we thank God that he picked my birthday today!!

Not everyone is happy that I was born forty years ago today... But hey...things happen for a reason...pick your own lesson from this mad ranting queen...
Always Royalty,
Your Queen

Saturday, 31 December 2011

I'm baaaaccckkk!!

Ola! Greetings from your Queen of Bubbledom. It has been a long time...a very long time...I'm kinda stumped into speechlessness (much like the movie - The King's Speech)

It has been a busy time between this blog and the last. Too much to write about and no time to blog...

In any case - I AM BACK!!

This coming year I will not be wowing you with my endless resolution making and breaking. I intend this year to be a year of travelling. At the moment - I have lined up the following:

1) Trip to Penang
2) Trip to Ho Chih Ming
3) Trip to Cambodia
4) Trip to Shanghai
5) Trip to Prague

I plan to have many more trips lined up as i think it is about bloody time that I saw a little bit more of the world outside my Palace walls...

Myopia is the curse of all fallen Monarchs! As such I refuse to be a victim of my workaholic nature and being a servant to the demands of the people and my King.

I will go where no other Queen such as I have gone before... lol...I am going over to the fun side!
Wish me luck in my coming travels - that they are all successful and not met with lost luggage and the like.

*Damnit!!* just got bitten by another mosquito!! Another reason to get away!!
Your Queen


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